A film with Tsyganov and Khodchenkova was the reason for the scandal at “Kinotavr”

Фильм с Цыгановым и Ходченковой стал поводом для скандала на «Кинотавре» Director Roman Volobuev removes his name from the credits for the film “Blockbuster”, which was presented on the eve of the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi. The Director does not agree with the final version of the installation tape, which was endorsed by the producers.
Фильм с Цыгановым и Ходченковой стал поводом для скандала на «Кинотавре»

The first competition day of the 28th of the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi was marked by scandal. At the presentation of the painting “Blockbuster” featuring Anna Chipovskaya, Svetlana Ustinova, Evgeny Tsyganov, Yuliya Snigir and Svetlana Khodchenkova, the film’s Director, Roman Volobuev said that removes your name from the credits. Thus he expressed his disagreement with the final version of the installation, approved by the producers. About it the Director said before the screening of the long-awaited tape with famous actors.

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On “Kinotavr” said Volobuev, presented uncut, namely, the production version of the picture. According to the artist, his name will appear in the credits just for the festival screening.

“These decisions are difficult, they lay always. I, due to the nature of masochism, procrastinated. Were printed copy, booklets, posters, “Kinotavr” put the film in the program, and it would probably be fair to leave the festival with a hole in the program. So we now stand on the stage, so beautiful, some even look good, that I’m not myself. And I think that it is very good. Because Yes, you now see the production version, which is a little similar to the movie we wanted to make, and even less it is similar to the movie we filmed and finished doing six months ago”, – shared Volobuev.
Фильм с Цыгановым и Ходченковой стал поводом для скандала на «Кинотавре»

At the end of his speech to the audience, the Director expressed the hope that they will get pleasure from viewing. “But nevertheless I think that some pieces of our work, our small victories and good luck, and in the case of actors, perhaps, and rather big, they look through through all of this – shared Volobuev. And I really hope some of you will see them, and someone they may be, will bring joy.” Immediately after the announcement he turned and walked away from the scene.

At the same time, the film’s producer Ilya Stewart expressed appreciation to all who took part in the work on the painting. As reported by journalists, he thanked the crew of “from the faces of those who leave their names in the picture”.

Journalists also cite the comments made by the company “Volga”, which is the distributor of the tape volobuyeva. Representatives of the organization believe that the Director has the right to act as it sees fit, including to disagree with final cut.

“Delighted that [this movie] was supported by most of the team. Pleased with the reaction of the audience that has supported the team and actors. The Creator has the right to put your name, and then remove” – said in the company-distributor.

Later at a press conference Roman Volobuev shared details of his conflict with the producer. “We fought, reconciled, compromised. Ilya Stewart compromises less than I do. The most disastrous things from the movie we were able to remove. But in the end it’s not. Not the same. And I understand this too late… – said the Director. – Now the film is moderately funny Comedy. It wasn’t planned as a social drama, but I believe that in order for the film look, you need to touch something important. For me the idea it was a Comedy about Russia, about the conflict of reason and feeling, about people who live by the rules and people who do not care. In the production version of this left.”

It is expected that the “Blockbuster” will be released July 13. The picture is the second feature by former film critic of the magazine “Afisha” Roman Volobueva, who had previously removed the tape “Cold front” with Daria Caruso, Svetlana Ustinova, Alexander by Molochnikova and Polina Askeri. The premiere debut of the film the artist took place in January last year.

At the moment it is unknown replace name Volobueva on the alias, as it often happens in the world of the film industry, or the mention of the film Director will be removed from the credits, according to the “IMDb”.