A few words about the Araz Agalarov

Несколько слов об Аразе Агаларове The head of a network of companies Crocus Group, businessman Araz Agalarov call the owner of the Empire.
Несколько слов об Аразе Агаларове

And of course, November 8, the day of his birth, which he celebrated in the shopping center “Crocus city Mall” is open, by the way, exactly 15 years ago, eminent guests talked a lot about how great the team created the Aras Iskender oglu and his son Emin, leading the channel “Heat,” has inherited the fighting and the creativity of the father. I remembered how on the Russian island near Vladivostok, which was built by Agalarov, Sr., he first checked the quality of construction, and then in stained overalls and muddy boots sat with the workers at one long table, with the appetite to eat dining soup. So, if you want to build your own Empire and earn genuine, sincere respect for subordinates… In short, everything is clear. Araz Agalarov happy belated birthday and new bright victories!