Несколько штрихов к портрету On Thursday came the news that widowed Maria Maksakova. In the center of Kiev were shot by her husband. Always liked Masha – cheerful, cheerful. Singer and MP was unusual, although its sectarian marriage to a parliamentarian from the Communist party by Denis Voronenkova I tried not to comment.

      Несколько штрихов к портрету

      The fact that a few months before a loud wedding Maksakova and Boronenkov to the editor “Let them speak” asked the girl named Helen. She told me that she had a baby with Denis Nikolaevich, and depict more than a temper of a Deputy, for which they parted. Calls my editors with a request to clarify the situation Boronenkov did not answer, but opened the personal emails of all employees “Let them talk” showered with letters with threats of physical violence, and the chief-editor of engaged in the preparation of the ether with the Deputy, was dumped on the doorstep a dead cat with a note “For those who were not satisfied”.

      Return whether Maria Maksakova in Russia after the death of her husband?

      Of course, about the dead – good or anything. But it seems to me, these facts about the dark side of the personality of the killed Denis Boronenkov.