Фаворитку Романа Абрамовича поздравляют с рождением первенца According to some, prima ballerina of Mariinsky theatre Diana Vishneva gave her husband Konstantin Silinevica adorable kid. The addition to the family the couple had happened last week. Diana herself has not yet confirmed the information was made public.
Фаворитку Романа Абрамовича поздравляют с рождением первенца

In the Network appeared the information that the 41-year-old prima ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre Diana Vishneva became a mother for the first time. The child’s father is husband of the artist Konstantin Salinovich, although previously she attributed the novel to oligarch Roman Abramovich. It is known that the businessman and Diane a good relationship, so the man supports the beauty and frequently appeared in productions with her.

According to some, a joyful event in the life of Cherry and Silinevica occurred at the end of last week, but this became known only now. The ballerina doesn’t like to draw attention to his personal life, so I try not to publicize the pregnancy.

“May 13, Diana Vishneva and her husband Konstantin Salinovich became parents. The couple, married 27 Aug 2013 in the Hawaiian Islands, was born a son” – said in the message, which appeared on the Internet.

Diana herself has yet to respond to the information publicized. Star rarely updates his Instagram. The latest at the time of writing the publication of the actress in the microblog was made the eleventh of March. Vishneva was congratulated with the birthday of Marius Petipa, who devoted her life to ballet. “The age length of 200 years,” shared Diana.

Users of social networks began to congratulate Vishneva with the long-awaited advent of the firstborn. According to them, the artist will make a great mom. “I wish the baby health and Roman Abramovich in cross – the rest will follow”, “Lung recovery after birth”, “I knew that she was pregnant. So cool!”, “Warmest wishes to the family”, “Good”, – commented on fans of celebrities in the Internet.

That Diana Vishneva is planning to give birth to their first child, it became known in November last year. Celebrity did not comment on the information publicized, but the changes in the figure of the artist speak for themselves. Not to draw attention to an interesting provision, Vishneva wore outfits a boxy cut.

In addition, Diana decided not to act on their own festival. The star explained his action by the recommendations of doctors, reminds Spletnik.ru.

“As you know, a true artist will take the stage in any condition, even half-dead. It is unlikely that any stop. But this time, my current physical state and finally, the strong recommendation of the doctors do not allow me to perform at the festival as an artist,” admitted Diana.