Фанат заявил о том, что Тупак Шакур жив

One of the fans who died many years ago, the rapper Tupac Shakur is convinced that his idol is alive. Now he’s trying to convince the other, giving as proof a video in which he found the resemblance of a man and the deceased artist.

“Have you seen this? Is Tupac guys. 100% the same eyebrows and lips” — he commented.
Shakur was shot September 7, 1996 in Las Vegas at the age of 25 years, but the day of the murder, as is often the case with suddenly departed celebrities, fans began to advance conspiracy theories. Allegedly, the rapper is not dead, but faked his death for some reason.

“I know that all wish it was true, but he died,” wrote one commenter under the video.
“Anyone who says that this guy is still alive is an idiot. In our time it is impossible to hide these, you detectives unfinished” — has added a second, and there were those who felt that the “investigator” just wants fame and publicity at the expense of a dead celebrity.

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