A fan of Oleg Yakovlev attacked George Vine

Поклонница Олега Яковлева напала на Юрия Лозу A friend and fan who passed away, the singer was sentenced a star of the 80s. In July, the singer of the hit “the Raft” commented on the news of the death of Oleg Yakovlev, provoking heated debate on the Network. Many Internet users were outraged by the cynical, in their opinion, the phrase the Vine.
Поклонница Олега Яковлева напала на Юрия Лозу

Yuri Loza is known not only as singer of the hit “the Raft”, but as the author of the resonance of statements dealing with current events and colleagues in show business. Journalists are in regular contact with the musician, to share his opinion on this or that occasion. According to the artist, he is not afraid to speak the truth. Sometimes the Vine is very sharp. So, this summer, Yuri provoked a scandal, commenting on the creativity of the late soloist of group “Ivanushki International”.

Поклонница Олега Яковлева напала на Юрия Лозу “Yakovlev picked up on the facial features. He left, but nevertheless you have to understand that he was needed as a type. Let’s be honest, what he wrote? He made? Caught the right person at the right time. Flashed face, and useful. This does not mean that it is something big done. He was born – everything,” said Vine a few months ago.

Friday, October 6, the Executive has become a hero of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” in which he apologized for the scandalous remarks. Yuri said that he had expressed condolences to the family of Oleg, but these words were carved journalists.

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“That’s right. Types. Matvienko. What is the difference when I said that? I said what I think. I was asked, I answered. This guy took the place of little Ivan. His name is learned only after his death, before that he was a little boy Ivanushka. Everywhere in our environment, more he had no other name – emotionally said the Vine Korchevnikov. – I said, “I’m sorry”. But it is not included in the broadcast. I have to say that I have the world’s grief over the death of little Ivan? Well I have no sorrow.”
Поклонница Олега Яковлева напала на Юрия Лозу

Among the guests of the transmission was a fan and friend of Oleg Yakovlev Evgeny Kirichenko, denounced the Vine for his comment about the activities of the ex-soloist of the popular group.

Поклонница Олега Яковлева напала на Юрия Лозу “First, Oleg has done a lot for other people and their fans. My friends know his name and what his name, date of birth, middle name. You know that Oleg can Express my gratitude to the hundreds of thousands of people. He was a symbol of generation, as well as other “Ivanushki International”, – said the girl.

Eugene also spoke out about accusations of Yuri to the creativity of the deceased singer. “I think Yuri Loza did not realized his potential, he’s a genius,” quipped Kirichenko.

Поклонница Олега Яковлева напала на Юрия Лозу “In my understanding the creators are people who create something. When a person comes on the created image, it creates nothing. Before it was Sorin who jumped from the window, say, or what happened to him. Little Ivanushka. Then came Yakovlev,” replied the girl Vine.
Поклонница Олега Яковлева напала на Юрия Лозу

Korchevnikov asked the Vine, not whether he regrets that so spoke sharply immediately after the death of Yakovlev. “Yes, and here?.. I get a call. And after death will no longer call,” retorted Yuri.

The newscast showed a clip of the couple Vines Svetlana. She is also engaged in musical activity and filmed a video with Nikas Safronov on the song “Linden”. According to Yuri, the woman she wanted to sing, and he helped her work on tracks. The musician said that he highly appreciates the composition of the second half. Leading Boris korchevnikov suggested that the fan of Oleg Yakovlev to evaluate the works of Svetlana Vines.

“I was very critical of the solo work of Oleg, he has released six clips. That’s about the same clips (as the wife of Yuri – Approx.) even better. And the Vine said that he did nothing while his wife made strong, original work. I understand that he very much loves his wife, but the Vine needs to understand that I love Oleg Yakovlev. Therefore, to criticize, especially on the day of death… somehow, I think it’s not very good. He can not criticize his wife? And also I am absolutely sure that fans can’t criticize Mick Jagger,” said a fan of the ex-soloist of “Ivanushki International”.

George Vine did not upset the words fans of Oleg Yakovlev. In the opinion of men, he does not criticize or judge colleagues in show business, but only commented on their activities. However, the musician said that journalists advantageous to present it in the form of “a man who speaks nonsense”. According to the Vine, sometimes the phrase significantly reduce and leave only short fragments, by distorting the meaning and out of context.