Фанат Анджелины Джоли сделал татуировку с ее изображением: актриса в восторге

Фанат Анджелины Джоли сделал татуировку с ее изображением: актриса в восторге

This weekend, the 44-year-old Angelina Jolie visited London to see the famous musical “Dear Evan Hansen”. After seeing the show, Hollywood actress decided to stay backstage and chat with the cast of the theatre. For the novice actor, Alex Thomas Smith this meeting was special, he was preparing for her entire adult life.

It turns out Alex Thomas always admired Angelina, followed her life and reviewed all the pictures with her participation. So he decided to get a tattoo on my shoulder with a picture of a celebrity. At a time when he had the opportunity to chat with Angelina, the guy could not resist and showed his shoulder, Smith said that it was very exciting for him.

Jolie was left in awe of such a thing and even left his signature tattoo on his shoulder.

After meeting with the star, Alex gave his first interview to journalists. He said that angelina liked his tattoo and she even kissed him at the end of the meeting. Also, the Hollywood star promised the guy to come to the musical “Dear Evan Hansen” when Thomas will play a big part. So far, the guy is a stunt double of the main actor, insures at the time of an emergency. It really is a great incentive for Smith to become a better actor. The guy admitted he was not sure whether he once to depart from a meeting with his idol.

Fans Alex had written to him in the social network Instagram and offered to make a new tattoo on his body dedicated to angelina. While her signature on the shoulder is not washed off, need to turn it into a tattoo. By the way, this idea really liked the guy and he said that most likely it will.

Very Angelina Jolie very positively responds to the tattoos on her body for more than 10 pieces. By the way, the latest is she doing together with her former husband brad pitt when he was with him in marriage. The couple then thought that joint tattoo will be able to save their relationship. Unfortunately, apparently, they did not succeed.

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