Поклонница станцевала стриптиз для Филиппа Киркорова The singer posted a funny video from concert in Anapa. During the song “I’d die for you” on the stage stood a woman from the audience, shamelessly demonstrating underwear. The artist himself was surprised by what happened, but the performance has not stopped.

Philip continues to tour with the show “I” for Russia and CIS countries. His recent speech in Anapa turned into a funny embarrassment. During a concert on the stage stood a woman who began to dance provocatively, and demonstrate to the public underwear. The singer was shocked by the sudden strip, but did not stop the performance.

A little later, Philip has shared on Instagram the video, which was captured by a funny incident.

“She’s all surprised, shocked, amused, discouraged. Queen Anapa”, signed live singer.

Fans of the stars were divided into two camps. Many condemned the fan for such revelations, but there were also those who stood in her defense. “It is evident that Philip awkward, but he’s done, he tries to remain an artist even in this situation, Yes, people do go crazy at concerts Kirkorov. Certainly lady without complexes”, “Maybe she went too far, but the figure in order, it looks great,” commented on a video subscribers Kirkorov.

The name of the mysterious admirer is still unknown. However, fans noted that the woman is clearly not devoid of artistic talent, because she did not hesitate to ignite near by Kirkorov.

At concerts the singer often have a funny and touching situation. So, during a speech in Alushta Philip met with the young fan. The little girl was a year old, attended the event along with parents, and the artist hastened to get acquainted with the girl.

The concerts of the king of the Russian platform invariably cause a stir and held to a full house. Fans celebrate incredible scenery shows and colorful costumes of Philip Kirkorov. Each image of a star laid out in detail and fits the mood of an executable composition.

Between the tours Philip time to relax with friends and children. Alla-Victoria and Martin often accompany his father on tour, and he enjoys sharing touching photos with their participation. Recently, the famous family had a fascinating vacation at Disneyland ® Paris, where the singer had a great time on the rides with his son and daughter.