Известная врач-телеведущая умерла после пневмонии On Friday in Moscow has died the author of the program “Studio “Health” on the “Russia 1” and the OTP. 67-year-old Irina Chukaeva has not suffered pneumonia.
Известная врач-телеведущая умерла после пневмонии

The woman died in the 13th city hospital where she was hospitalized a few days ago. According to preliminary information, Cokeboy had an acute form of pneumonia. From complications associated with pneumonia, and she died on the 68th year of life.

The presenter is a second career Irina Chukaeva, on TV she has worked for over ten years. Her project, “Studio “Health” came out first on “Russia 1” (2001 to 2008), and then, in 2013, moved to Public television of Russia.

The main profession Chukaeva – the doctor-the cardiologist. Professor, the eminent physician, honoured doctor of Russia, she headed the Department of clinical therapy Medical University named after Pirogov. Also, Irina worked as head of the Moscow Department of the Russian medical society of arterial hypertension, was the Executive Director of the education Centre of primary care physicians. She is the author of textbooks and manuals for students and experienced physicians. It is known that Chukaeva was married, she and her husband raised two children.

Recall that it was of complications from pneumonia in June of last year I left the life of “Ivan” Oleg Yakovlev. Just a few days before the death of 47-year-old singer was hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia. Despite the efforts of doctors, the artist died.

Died former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev

According to the civil wife of Oleg Alexandra Kutsevol, Yakovlev was treated at home, he has not passed a cough. It was not thought seriously ill. Later, doctors found that the cause of death was pulmonary edema.

Pneumonia is a common disease of the artists: almost all colds and acute respiratory infections they carry on the legs, and even during heavy touring. Not cherish the body, and then long recover. Someone can’t keep up.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky came down with a serious illness