Пьяный Михаил Ефремов покрыл зрителей матом прямо со сцены The scandal occurred during a performance of the theater “Contemporary” in Samara. Because Mikhail Efremov beginning of the play was delayed for 35 minutes. Later, the man began to behave rudely, after which the crowd hurried to leave the room.
Пьяный Михаил Ефремов покрыл зрителей матом прямо со сцены

Mikhail Efremov once again appeared in the scandal center. The man allowed himself an inappropriate behavior during a performance at the theater in Samara. Actress Anna Korovkina, attended the performance with participation of actors, hastened to tell about his behavior. According to women, the star has no right to behave this way – insulting the audience.

“Went down March 7 for a performance of the theater “Contemporary”, touring in Samara. Detained for 35 minutes. Apologized. It turned out, was waiting for artist Ephraim. Then he totally screwed came on the scene, confused the text at the request of the audience to speak up, since nothing is heard, happily sent Mat Samara spectators and the entire city of Samara. The entire show he was returning to this message. People pay 4 to 7 thousand rubles, was a little bit discouraged,” reported sales.

According to the woman, the hall was attended by Minister of culture of the Samara region, which did not react to the harsh statements of Ephraim. Because the actor didn’t apologize for his behavior, people began to leave the play.

Anna noted that the behavior of Michael brand does not match the status of the theater “Contemporary”. The staging of the Moscow troupe, Samara was waiting for, but the experience was ruined.

“The finale happened at the empty room. Sorry, fellow artists, your bow does not have the courage to stay. But seriously, sorry for the theatre, his status, his greatness,” wrote the woman.

The next day, March 8, in Samara held another play of the theater “Contemporary” “Five evenings”. This time there were no scandals.

Fans were quick to Express their opinion on the situation. They came to the unanimous opinion that such behavior famous actor is simply unacceptable. “Absolute contempt for the viewer, but respected and known all over the country people, With Ephraim, it happens all the time, it’s time to get used to it”, “we Need people EN masse to write and request a refund for the tickets” – said people in social networks.

By the way, the rumors about alcohol addiction Ephraim appear regularly in the press. However, the man tries not to comment. Despite the controversial reputation, Michael continues to be one of the most popular actors of Russia.

The actor himself has not apologized about his behavior. Moreover he hastened to deny what was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. “It Pinatar, a black English Comedy. Been a bit caught up, that’s all. More precisely, even one woman not understand that everything he wrote” – said Efremov “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.