A DNA test showed whether Spartaka Mishulina illegitimate son

Тест ДНК показал, есть ли у Спартака Мишулина внебрачный сын
Timur Eremeev took part in the experiment of the First channel.

Тест ДНК показал, есть ли у Спартака Мишулина внебрачный сын

Understand that over time, getting more and more like dad. Looking at the pictures where he is young — it seems like a mirror look

Photo: L. Svetlova/archive T. Eremeeva

Spartak Mishulin in one of the most famous of their roles — said of “White sun of the desert”

Photo: archive of T. Eremeeva

At the beginning of autumn in the magazine “Caravan of stories” published an exclusive interview with 33-year-old actor Timur Eremeeva, in which he first announced to the public that is the illegitimate son of known actor Spartaka Mishulina. He told a very believable story with lots of vital details about how he communicated with his famous father and how did the lives of his mother, which Mishulin talked more than 35 years.

Readers were amazed at the frankness of the artist. But one person this story is not liked. The daughter of Spartak Vasilyevich Karina Mishulina sued Timur Eremeeva under articles 151 and 152 of the Civil code for “public insult and defamation in the media”. She decided that the young artist, using external similarity with the star of high level, wants to make a PR on behalf of Mishulina. In parallel, Karina launched a war in the media against his alleged brother. Come what may, is an actress, known for the role of the teacher in the TV series “the Teacher” decided to prove that at the time of birth of Timur her father was infertile.

However, today everything fell into place. Timur agreed to DNA testing, the results announced today in a show of Dmitry Borisov “Let them talk” on channel one. By the way, it was not the usual procedure for saliva possible relatives. Karina and Timur gave blood, and the analysis was performed by an expert with a world name is Pavel Ivanov. In addition, was taken biological traces left on the suit Spartaka Mishulina. Previously the analysis was done, that the man who wore this costume, definitely is the biological father of Karina of Mishulin.

Doubt can not be. The probability that Timur is a native son of Spartaka Mishulina is 99.9%!

Eremeev celebrates the victory, and Mishulina not very happy with the results. It now remains to hope that her brother raised her better and that he would not sue the new in-laws and to demand from them moral damage that he caused.

“Not even delve into issues of inheritance, — said Timur. — I’m not going to claim anything! Please don’t”.