ДНК-тест открыл правду о внебрачной американской дочери Александра Серова The musician found out he is Alice native. Serov met with Valentina Arising who gave birth to a child allegedly from him many years ago. Despite the tense situation in the Studio of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, former lover to forget all the insults.
ДНК-тест открыл правду о внебрачной американской дочери Александра Серова

In the first part of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, dedicated to the illegitimate daughter of Alexander Serov Alice, it turned out, as in fact was the family life of the artist. The musician said that they have wife, Elena could be two children, but the first baby was born weak and died a few days after birth. The contractor assumed that’s why it happened: most likely, his ex-wife could try to get rid of the baby because he was conceived by another man.

Alexander Serov has told how ex-wife poisoned their first child

In the second edition decided to find out whether Alice born Valentina Arising, is the daughter of Serov. She lives and works in the United States. Alice takes many photographs and is also a keen design. Since then, she has her own vlog on Youtube.

“Wonderful girl. It is evident that she knows the language,” said Serov after watching the movie involving Alice.

As told Andrei Malakhov, some time ago Arishina got married with her boyfriend, whom she met through the Internet. However, the wedding has not yet played. The girl registered your relationship with the groom in Las Vegas, and then flew to meet his parents. Daughter Valentina is not going to submit to her husband Alexander Serov.

“I would in his place, he never asked nothing. Whatever happens in my life, I Serov will never come,” said Alice.
ДНК-тест открыл правду о внебрачной американской дочери Александра Серова

It turned out that Valentina didn’t really want to give birth at such a young age. She hastened to explain. “When I got pregnant, I realized that it was a child from a loved one. But at that moment we first met, I was a child, any children I might want?”true Arishina.

Alice believes that her mother really didn’t think getting pregnant on purpose. The woman was very upset when unflattering Serov expressed in her address that she kept it for chromosomes in vitro neskolbko years. According to Valentina, thank really changed Alexander.

“I changed everything for my wife, her betrayal, her of any attacks. And if the money rained down, into her pocket,” justified Serov.
ДНК-тест открыл правду о внебрачной американской дочери Александра Серова

Alice herself believes that in recent Serov PR on stories with children born out of wedlock. The girl called the behavior of the alleged father’s pathetic. Guests of the Studio believe that a child should never be a matter of dispute between the former spouses.

“I want to disengage from this man, from this history,” says Alice.

ДНК-тест открыл правду о внебрачной американской дочери Александра Серова

As details surfaced only recently, many do not understand why many years later Serov’t talked about it in public. According to the artist first about him spoke of Valentine.

“For 30 years we lived their lives. She has her own father, his own family. And why 30 years later to remember that he has some sort of daughter. That came in his bright head, he thought to himself, “Arishina probably boring lives”, I Have my own life. Why did it all start?”- outraged woman.

At the end of transmission genetics Snezhana Queen came to the Studio with the results of the DNA test. Alice has collected a biomaterial in the United States and passed the tests abroad.

“The paternity test between Alexander Serov and Alice Arising. Alexander is 99.9% the biological father of Alice”, – said the expert.

Despite this result, Valentine was not happy with the situation. In turn, Serov decided to apologize to her for his rude words.

“I would like to apologize for the attack and to congratulate you with our common daughter,” said Alexander.