ДНК-тест установил родство священника из «Дома-2» с тремя детьми Walter Solomentsev visited the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev. According to the controversial ex-hero reality show, ex-wife Galina gave birth to two sons not from him. He is also confident that the woman became pregnant a third time by another man.
ДНК-тест установил родство священника из «Дома-2» с тремя детьми

Solomentsev has accused his ex-wife that in the past she was engaged in prostitution, were systematically beaten and cheated on. Galina replied the ex-wife on a talk show. “I want him to stop lying. Walter does not help us, telling the world that gives money to the upbringing of children, and actually lives with his mistress. I require: either he pays child support or he doesn’t pay and I remove his parental rights,” said the woman.

The priest announced to the guests and experts in the Studio that refused to support the family. However, Walter is not sure about his paternity. “I give you my money as my position allows. But I doubt it. In the past, Galia worked as a call girl. I know this already married, resigned. She had a lot of wild sex before our relationship, she told me about it. That’s why I think that children are not from me. Galya could get pregnant from another, in his house she lived about ten years. In marriage she allowed herself to rush me with a baby on his hands, drank whiskey, when breast-feeding. It was the norm for our relations”, – told ex-member of telestroke.

Galina said that today waiting for a third child from the Walter and never cheated on his wife. Even after the divorce, the woman says she was not involved in intimate relationships with other men. In her opinion, Solomentsev just her revenge because she said his spiritual mentor about what kind of lifestyle is a husband. After her words of Walter excommunicated and defrocked priest.

“I, of course, a little guilty so I Complained about him to the Abbot. I was accused of that he communicates with other women, besides me, he was flirting. In the result, Walter was deprived of the priesthood,” said Solomentsev.
ДНК-тест установил родство священника из «Дома-2» с тремя детьми

Soon in the Studio appeared Olesya Lisovskaya, with her Walter to build relationships on the project “Dom-2”. According to the girl, Galina is lying. Olesya shared that one day the Minister’s wife even tried to kill because of jealousy. “Walter is a very interesting person, kind and all that says Galina – is a lie. He is very generous, I personally went with him and bought things for the children,” said lisowska.

Galina said that never published on the Internet pictures of themselves in the Nude, as voiced by Lisovskaya. According to her, she sent intimate shots only the spouse, but Olesya found them and disseminated by the Network. “I think she just saw Walter reviewed my pictures on the computer. He asked to send them to him”, – said Galina.

During the program experts have found out that Walter and his ex-wife cheated on each other, and the relationship in their family was clearly unhealthy.

“You see how much dirt spilled out. But in reality it is not so. We get married, so I still consider him my husband. Yes, we are officially divorced, but before God he is my husband,” said Galina.
ДНК-тест установил родство священника из «Дома-2» с тремя детьми

The presenter was invited to the program mom women Hope. She said that Galina had a difficult childhood. “Daughter, lied, lied. Sometimes it was just a natural inventor. I was broken, beat the Gal, even fists, but only by accident. But mostly it’s good, I always helped her,” said Hope.

At the end of the program Dmitry Shepelev announced the results of the DNA examination. Two sons Solomentsev 99.9% his own children. Also, the experts conducted a unique test, which showed that unborn Galina, she is carrying under her heart, too, from the priest. “Thank you, Galina. Now I can sleep peacefully. I’m extremely happy,” said Walter.