A DNA test confirmed the paternity Evgeniya Osina

ДНК-тест подтвердил отцовство Евгения Осина Some time ago in the stars of the 80’s discovered an illegitimate daughter Anastasia Godunov. Evgeny Osin met with the child and his mother in a live TV show. The singer decided to undergo a genetic examination to establish whether he was a relative of Anastasia.
ДНК-тест подтвердил отцовство Евгения Осина

Recently, the performer of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” shocked ex-girlfriend Elena. The woman said, raising their illegitimate daughter. In order to verify paternity, Osin did a DNA test.

ДНК-тест подтвердил отцовство Евгения Осина“The girl’s name is Anastasia, – shared the singer with “StarHit”. Genetic analysis showed that 99% Nastya – my heiress. I’m glad. She is a talented model, TV presenter! While waiting for the result, was nervous. Now come to understand that I have two daughters. However, Agnes, the eldest, not yet familiar with her. I hope with time this will correct it.”
ДНК-тест подтвердил отцовство Евгения Осина

While aspen has rarely seen the child: the singer popped a rib, so most of the time he spends at home or in the hospital.

“The injury was last year in Thailand – continues to Eugene. There in the clinic billed – almost 2 million roubles. That kind of money I have. Returned to the capital, recommended a great surgeon, he treats Yuri Antonov and the Olympic team… Soon I will have surgery! Want to get better. And while my daughter always on the phone.”

It is possible that Evgeny Osin alarmed after he reviewed the results of the DNA examination. Rumored that some famous artist did not get in touch with your friends. Those suspect Osin celebrated an important event – the appearance in my daughter’s life. In a recent interview, another star patient of the rehabilitation center on Koh Samui Chris kelmi claimed that Eugene is still abusing alcohol. According to the performer of the hit “Closing the circle”, he has reliable information concerning alcoholism in Aspen.