A day without twine: Volochkova was struck by the Thai Cycling

Ни дня без шпагата: Волочкова поразила тайцев ездой на велосипеде
Ballerina resting on the sea.

Photo: Instagram

Once the twines Anastasia Volochkova against the sea and a bathing suit has caused public stir. But over the past few years the ballerina a little “overfed” society with their exotic photos, and they will not bring the benefits they used to be. So Anastasia went further: she began to do the splits in the bath, in the pool, on the stairs, on the roof of the limousine and many more where.

But this time Volochkova really risked your health for the sake of a good frame. Ballerina resting now in Thailand, where especially for her rented the whole Villa. In this country it is not customary to travel by car mainly, all ride on bikes or bicycles. Here at last-that Anastasia and decided to ride to the nearest tavern. And, of course, could not resist not to do the splits on it. And she could easily fall right on the pavement and, at least, break his knees! However, Volochkova sure there was no danger. She is balancing.

By the way, now the twines are not so often began to appear in the personal blog of a star. Now she often publishes photos with her new lover, video training and footage performances. Fans note: Anastasia now looks much better than it was six months ago. Volochkova of postrhinal that is seen on her recent photos, and even younger. But recently some of the famous people earnestly advised the dancer to go to a psychologist or even a psychiatrist because of excessive love for the outrageous.