Коллега Спартака Мишулина рассказал об угрозах супруги актера Says concert Director Alexander Dobrynin, a star of cinema and theatre could not divorce his wife a daughter truly loved. According to colleagues Spartaka Mishulina, he allegedly repeatedly threatened to leave the family.
Коллега Спартака Мишулина рассказал об угрозах супруги актера

Concert organizer Alexander Dobrynin is involved in litigation between Timur Yeremeyev and Karina of Mishulin. The resident of Yakutsk his eyes on made a lot of noise history. He met with Spartak Vasilyevich back in 1977, and then talked with the actor in over ten years.

Timur Eremeev strongly against the exhumation of the body of Spartaka Mishulina

Alexander Yakovlevich easily befriended Mishulin. The star of cinema and theatre was easy to communicate person. The actor often joked, giving others a good mood. In 1979, the Spartak Vasilyevich daughter, Karina. The artist loved the girl and was buying things for her in large numbers. And in the summer of 1984 Mishulin suddenly asked clothes for one year old boy.

“Yes, my son was born. MA-vermillion. Those eminency. Like a call”, – did not hide the actor.
Коллега Спартака Мишулина рассказал об угрозах супруги актера

According to Dobrynin, he immediately realized that the actor’s wife is not the mother of the child. The fact that Mishulin always called Valentina Konstantinovna wife and the mother of his son, he was named “beloved woman”.

Later, the Spartak V. himself explained the situation. The actor admitted that his personal life was always turbulent, and told about the affair with the mother of Timur Tatiana. The artist described the woman as a very calm person who never asks for nothing. According to Dobrynin, Spartacus met the beloved in the theater, she often indulged actor jams and pickles.

Moreover, according to Alexander Yakovlevich, and his wife knew about the existence of the other. About it the wife of the actor allegedly told detractors. Valentina Konstantinovna gave her husband a scandal, after which he sank into depression.

“According to him, Valentina Konstantinovna has promised: if you ever see the kid or his mother, will not find anyone. And that the divorce he never will. “If I know her, believe she will do it, said Mishulin. — I’m scared for Tanya and son,” says Dobrynin.

In the future, the couple began to quarrel regularly, sometimes even in front of your daughter. Spartak Mishulin was upset over a disagreement with his wife, but in front of the audience never showed. As reported by Dobrynin, the actor allegedly was seriously thinking about getting a divorce and marrying Tatiana, but could not decide because of my daughter and threats of the spouse.

“The wife immediately promised to write a complaint to the party Committee, trade Union, Ministry of culture… Mishulin said that he was summoned to high offices, spoke: “You are a popular artist. Even the astronauts are watching the famous film “White sun of the desert” before the start. Can you imagine the noise rise, if the family will take? Beloved by all children of the USSR Carlson did not abandon the child! Besides, you are a member of the party. Sleep with whoever you want, the main thing that without scandals” – quoted colleague Mishulina the magazine “Caravan of stories”.