Коллега принца Уильяма выдал его секрет
It became known that hides from his wife the heir to the throne.

Prince William

Photo: ZumaTASS

A colleague of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, which serves
with him in medical aviation,
recently told a reporter for the website Femalefirst: William’s hiding something from his wife
the Duchess of Cambridge. As it turned out, unbeknown to his wife, who tries
to feed her husband and children only healthy food, the Prince at work eats
fatty and fried!

House 34-year-old Prince obediently eating low-calorie, but rich
vitamins and other useful components of food. But when he’s on duty, William
“removes the soul” absorbing huge portions of food, the type where Kate would come to dread. For example, the Prince certainly eating a full English Breakfast
includes eggs, fried sausages, bacon, beans and other not
dietary components. Curiously, when ordering a full tray of food, William
cause minimum damage to your wallet — because this meal is worth it
the dining room only 5 pounds.

Each time, having defended turn, as the Prince
entitled to any privileges in comparison with his colleagues, William
requests to put a portion more. So one day the employee dining room is not
help said: “maybe you shouldn’t eat so much. Right
long and fat!”. What William did not hesitate, replied: “Watch-ka
better food for yourself!”

In fact, the Prince should not fear for
your figure. After all, Kate makes every effort to ensure that it is not
recovered or per gram. No wonder William said not long ago: the fact that he’s so
lean, he must only cooking Kate. Besides, apart from the fact that
the Duchess is feeding his wife a low calorie diet, she watches still, and the
that her husband never missed a single workout in the gym.