Коллега Хворостовского: «Он до последнего работал на износ» The famous baritone posthumously nominated at the prestigious award “Grammy” for the album “song cycle by Sviridov: sail Rus”, recorded together with Constantine Orbelian and the St. Petersburg Symphony orchestra. Violinist Osmanov Chingiz spoke about the work with Hvorostovsky.
Коллега Хворостовского: «Он до последнего работал на износ»

Today, nine days after the death of the singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky. The world is mourning and still can’t believe this great loss. Recently it became known that Dmitry Hvorostovsky and the St. Petersburg state academic Symphony orchestra nominated for the honorary award “Grammy” for “Best classical solo album”. “StarHit” contacted the concertmaster of the St. Petersburg state academic Symphony orchestra Chingiz Osmanov, who spoke with Hvorostovsky for several years, and in 2016 he worked on the record “Sviridov: a Desperate Russia.” The Ottomans spoke about the talent, the vitality and character of the baritone:

about the first meeting

“I met with Hvorostovsky in 2014 in St. Petersburg with conductor Constantine Orbelian. I still remember this meeting, because to me Hvorostovsky – a sample of an outstanding master, which quickly and very easily find common language with their colleagues. It is a pity that now need to say “found”.

Work with Hvorostovsky

I immediately said to myself that this man is entirely devoted to the music and deepened in her, not so much professionally, as it is internally. He deeply feels and experiences everything that sings. When we played together, he encouraged and led the entire orchestra.

The people who participated with him in recording and preparing programs for concerts, fell under his charm and charisma were charged. He was a man of generous spirit and great inner spirit, it was a kindness. I have always felt a close friendship with him, even though he had his own family and social circle.
Коллега Хворостовского: «Он до последнего работал на износ»

about the nature of Hvorostovsky

In life he was friendly and sincere, but could be absolutely uncompromising musician. He didn’t like the simplification, you didn’t, when the work departed from his vision and concept. I can say that he was extremely demanding, worked very hard and was able to achieve the maximum. Hvorostovsky well found a common language with Konstantin Orbelyan, who expertly embodied his ideas.

about the disc “Sviridov: a Desperate Russia” and nominations for “Grammy”

Now I understand that work on this disk, which is now nominated for “Grammy” is the embodiment of the creative will of Hvorostovsky, this is very consistent with his inner feelings at the time, the feelings he experienced.

Musicians rarely turn to such works, and he decided. I think the nomination will give impetus and interest to this music. Yes, of course, our orchestra glad we worked on this CD, but to this premium attitude still has Hvorostovsky, though his career is not the first time, and for orchestra is very pleased and honored.
Коллега Хворостовского: «Он до последнего работал на износ»

The latest work with Hvorostovsky

When Dmitry arrived at the entry drive to St. Petersburg, we are nobody said it hurts. I have only heard talk, but I am not going to believe the rumors, although thanks to the media who were actively writing about this, I knew the story. It was very difficult to understand that Hvorostovsky has some problems, he did not give any hint. Personally, I have a sense of incomprehensibility of his departure, because it was a very selfless man. Now, knowing what he was diagnosed with what disease he was fighting, I know he did – and for me very hard to accept this discrepancy.

In public he was an example for all of us, it was dedication, passion, sincerity and depth, infinite use of the talent. When we talked, I wasn’t feeling that before us is sick man.

Humor Hvorostovsky

Yes, his humour was incredible, everyone noted his love for life and concerts, and rehearsals and recordings. His face went a smile I’m talking about communication. Of course, when demanded by the drama, he was given entirely, but in dialogue with colleagues it was a very sociable and cheerful person”.

Коллега Хворостовского: «Он до последнего работал на износ»