Близкая подруга Марины Зудиной заговорила на запрещенную тему
Oleg Tabakov was hiding from others serious illness.

Marina Zudina and Oleg Tabakov


The last edition of the show, “Tonight” was dedicated to Oleg Tabakov, who died March 12. On the set were unable to attend a native Folk artist, because only two ago they had Oleg Pavlovich’s last journey. They need time to try not to care, but at least accept what has happened. Instead of shooting yourself in the program for the First channel Marina Zudina sent his close friend, Julius Puzyreva, representing the interests of the family of the artist.

Girlfriend Marina spoke with leading: Maxim Galkin and Julia Menshovoj about the secret Oleg Pavlovich was concealed for many years. As it became known, five years ago, the actor was diagnosed with cancer. The master hid from others his serious illness.

“Five years ago, in the great family of Oleg Pavlovich and Marina has a stroke of fate – Oleg Pavlovich was sick. Now you can talk about it – he was diagnosed with complex cancer. But he did not accept it and was not discouraged. Only once, when he had problems with his legs, as if he was scared: “How? I won’t be able to go on stage?” And the disease has receded. And stepped back, I can say only thanks to the support of the Marina. She did it all. And it is in these five years, never lost his temper. She arranged for the treatment, she travelled with him all these years. Five years, during which time he managed and the scene new to access, and engage in the College and children,” said a friend of the Marina.

Rumors that tobacco is seriously ill appeared in December last year, a month after he was hospitalized. However, before his death, this topic was taboo for discussion. We will remind that Oleg Pavlovich found a final resting place at Novodevichy cemetery