Близкие приятели Джуны подают в суд на Александра Маслякова Around the name of the Soviet healer still rage of passion. The fact that after his death, the woman left a fabulous legacy – a four-storey mansion and a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of the capital. The only heir of the psychic son of Vakhtang died, and now the property claimed by distant relatives.
Близкие приятели Джуны подают в суд на Александра Маслякова

Home of the famous healer juna went back to the government, because she took it out. The property already has new owners who rushed to remake the first three floors of the building to the restaurant. However, until recently, was not reported who dared to desecrate a memorial institution.

“The other day a document came about that the first three floors of the house passed into the hands of the organization “IMC planet KVN”, – says the “StarHit” Valery Kamshilov, a close friend of June. – Began to make inquiries, found the owner of the company – host Alexander Maslyakov. I don’t know exactly why it is necessary, but will assume that status. Like, if you own the property of the deceased famous person, it is prestigious. As I understand, that my colleague is now trying to do a reconstruction of the building. He reworks it into a restaurant!”.
Близкие приятели Джуны подают в суд на Александра Маслякова

According to Kamshilov standing of the organization is not happy repairs. It turns out that the house where the healer lived, was a center of medical services. “The owners of the institutions are not pleased with what is happening – still a friend of Junes. – The fact that the owners of the clinic are losing customers because of the constant dust and dirt. The building is quite impossible to move. Plus broken equipment safety, it is terrible to be here. The owners of the medical center sue Maslyakov!”.

Also, for Valeria was a great shock for the latest news happening around the three-room apartment of a psychic. It turns out that she was recently robbed.

“It is still unknown who the owner of these apartments, there is a trial between distant relatives, says Kamshilov. But, someone dared to enter the apartment and bring all things. This told me the neighbors. Strangers without further explanation began to take out all the furniture and equipment of the June. Residents who knew the healer, tried to stop them, but the efforts were in vain. The inquiries of the strangers answered reluctantly. However, threw a couple of sentences. They said that all things go in the trash, saying that the resolution gave them a Maslyakov. I do not know, coincidence it or not!”.