Близкий друг Дмитрия Тарасова стал новым «Холостяком» The project “the Bachelor” on TNT has become so popular that some decided to create a parody of this show. One of them is blogger Amiran Sardarov. Amiran is looking for the girl dreams into reality “Now the bride”, on which he worked and his close friends.
Близкий друг Дмитрия Тарасова стал новым «Холостяком»

Recently 32-year-old Creator of “Diary Hacha” Amiran Sardarov, a good friend of Dmitry Tarasova, has launched on its YouTube channel the analogue of “the Bachelor,” project “Hachu bride,” with help. which intends to find a life partner. And if the transmission channel TNT everything was peacefully, show Sardarova different from the original because it has no serious censorship.

I think there’s all for a worthy spectacle: passion, intrigue, abuse and even fights. As in “the Bachelor,” Amiran sent the girls out, after which makes certain conclusions and throws a participating home.

“Most of my life I’ve done things to prove to the girl that I find that I have held that I am worthy of her choice, — sardars called the reason he’s a long time alone, and noted that serious about establishing a full-fledged family.
Близкий друг Дмитрия Тарасова стал новым «Холостяком»

In casting the show was attended by many girls of different ages. For the heart Sardarova intended to fight and those who, to put it mildly, a little over 50. In the end, the project got very bright, bold and confident pretender to the heart of the blogger. To select potential brides Amiran helped his friends: rapper T-Killah, actress and TV-presenter Valeriya Dergileva, actor Yevgeny Kulikov and many others.

While Amiran Sardarov just starting to look for a bride, his close friends are already enjoying a family life. T-Killah, for example, in may made an offer of marriage to his girlfriend, Maria Belova. Especially for this musician chose a romantic Maldives. Maria gladly took the offer and said the coveted “Yes”.

“Boys, I’m everything! She said Yes!” — it seems that the rapper is very happy, says goodbye to carefree single life.

Dmitry Tarasov has broken a record among friends: in January, the athlete married the third time on model Anastasia Kostenko. Just a few days left until the moment when the couple become parents. And if Kostenko’s first child, Dmitry already has a daughter from his first marriage, angelina. Anastasia is trying to show the fans that their family harmony. Moreover, the expectant mother tries to be the correct answer to his detractors.

Pregnant Anastasia Kostenko is suffering from the changes of the body

“Good man — strong, because only the weak can afford to be rude and to live through the prism of negativity! I wish you all harmony, altruism and lots of love!” — recently wrote Kostenko in his microblog.