A cancer patient Zadornov shared optimistic news

Больной раком Задорнов поделился оптимистичной новостью

Fans support the Russian satirist and raise him up funny videos.

In early October it became known that the popular Russian satirist Mikhail Zadornov seriously ill. He told about it himself in his Instagram, however, the diagnosis of comedian left in secret. But fans and media began to ascribe to the artist the most terrible disease. Then Zadornov was forced to tell the truth about his illness.

“I want to add a comment to the comments of the last post. Many of these touching, which, of course, add strength for recovery. Thank you!” – he turned to the subscribers.

Then Zadornov has decided to arrange competition among subscribers.

“That’s what I thought… Such a cheerful video a lot, send them to me “Vkontakte”, let’s reference in “YouTube” and “Instagram”. We will hold competition on the best videos. It is desirable that it was yours, more videos. It will be easier to choose the best and award the winners gifts such as books and CDs. Meantime, watch this video and smiles!”

Excited the audience wished Michael a speedy recovery and strength in the struggle with a difficult disease, and also have been actively sending him funny videos. Zadornov decided to be honest with followers and share news about your condition. Satirist turned again to the audience and assured that he was getting better.

“I thank everyone who sent me a funny video. Mood and health has improved, energy increased! This is just what you need before concerts and the beginning of the film “Once in America”, which started last week,” thanked Mikhail subscribers who send him funny videos.

By the way, Zadornov, despite his condition, he continues to work and decided not to cancel concerts, only those which required long flights. And in editions of the Christmas broadcasts, the audience will be able to see their idol.

We wish Michael a speedy recovery!