A cancer patient Val Kilmer is trying to “stay afloat”

Больной раком Вэл Килмер пытается «остаться на плаву»
Actor frightened by his new pictures.

Больной раком Вэл Килмер пытается «остаться на плаву»

Больной раком Вэл Килмер пытается «остаться на плаву»

Recently Val Kilmer published
in his microblog photo, which it was intended to prove — he
full of energy and ready to work. The fact that Kilmer eager again to play in
the sequel once his famous film “top gun.” And wants to prove
that will cope with the role. But this produced the exact opposite effect:
fans of the actor was horrified how bad he looks…

Rumors that Kilmer
seriously ill, were distributed in Hollywood for more than a year. And in October
last year, Macl Douglas confirmed that his friend Kilmer sick —
cancer of the throat. However, until April of this year, Val claimed that he was all in
order. And just this spring, when during a meeting with his
fans, everyone noticed that he was almost unable to speak, Kilmer was forced
to admit that he was sick. But the actor said he
received treatment and soon he will be much better. Alas, while the predicted Val
improve nobody noticed.

Detractors of the actor
saying he missed the time by the doctors too late. The thing
the fact that Val is a member of the sect of Christian science, adherents of which is prohibited
to use the services of modern medicine. According to the doctrine, members of the sect
must only trust in God and persistently pray for healing…