Больной раком Светлане Устиненко из «Дома-2» стало хуже

Ex-member of popular reality show, suffering from brain cancer, lost vision and hearing.

One of the most noticeable participants of the project “Dom-2” Svetlana Ustinenko, who left the famous Celestron due to serious health problems, nearly two years struggling with a brain tumor. Volgogradke the fourth stage of the disease, and about the state of her health these days come the disappointing news.

The operation, which not so long ago Svetlana Ustinenko was held by the surgeons of one of the capital’s hospitals, did not improve the condition of women.

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According to mother Svetlana Mikhailovna, she has already lost vision and almost hears nothing. For treatment you need a huge amount, the family Ustinenko and Sobotovich no. Svetlana Ustinenko in despair and thinks her life is over.

“I don’t know what was done to me, – said Svetlana Ustinenko. – I did not see or hear, I am at a complete loss… Thanks to my daughter and cousin, who came from Volgograd and helps me, sits with me. Money to buy the medicine I was prescribed an expensive tool, the rate of which is 100 thousand rubles, and you have to take it every month. Of course, it is very heavy for my daughter and the amount. What will happen to me – I don’t know… My life is over”.

Six months ago, hope for recovery mom Aliani Golosovoy associated with the hot springs of dzhily-su in the Caucasus.

“I know a man who also thought that his days are numbered, but called for the springs and remained there to live. Every day he felt better, and after 7 years he returned from the Caucasus healthy. I believe that clean water sources, which will not find in any other place, will be able to raise me to my feet. I’ve been there, but only five days is not enough for the treatment, you have to live in the mountains at least 21 days”, – told the journalists Starhit.ru Svetlana Mikhailovna.

Recall that the diagnosis of “glioblastoma of the brain,” Svetlana Ustinenko set in the fall of 2014. Woman badly felt right on the set of “House-2”. The tests showed that Svetlana is seriously ill, and she had to leave the project to begin treatment.

For the first time after diagnosis Svetlana Mikhailovna appeared in public last summer – she came to the Studio of the program “live” on TV channel “Russia-1”. Came here to ask for help in raising funds for surgery in Germany. Required 5.5 million rubles. Svetlana Mikhailovna in the Studio, supported her daughter Aliana of Gobozov, son of Alexander Gobozov, the participants of the project “Dom-2”. To viewers the woman appeared noticeably thinner with her hair instead of a beautiful scarf.

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