A cancer patient an actor from the TV series “Voronin” under treatment

Больной раком актер из сериала «Воронины» проходит интенсивное лечение Boris Klyuyev works in the theater, despite the terrible diagnosis. Another man noted that he does not hide his sickness and hoped to win it. However, the doctors do not make any predictions about the state of the artist.
Больной раком актер из сериала «Воронины» проходит интенсивное лечение

At the end of April 2018, there was news that the famous actor Boris Klyuyev is seriously ill. The man went to the doctors due to issues with light, but accurate diagnosis, the experts did not call.

Now it became known that Klyuev was diagnosed with lung cancer. About this on air of the program “You wouldn’t believe it!” said Director Vladimir Beilis, who worked for many years with a star “Voronin”.

“He does have lung cancer. But nobody knows how it feels actually. He occasionally is in the hospital, made all the necessary treatments to make it better,” said Bailey.
Больной раком актер из сериала «Воронины» проходит интенсивное лечение

According to neighbors Boris Vladimirovich, he recently appeared in his house, and now went to the cottage. Apparently, the man is not hospitalized, but has been undergoing chemotherapy.

This is confirmed by Mr Bailey. The Director noted that the man already knows about his diagnosis, but continued to work in theater and in film.

“It’s more or less comes to the theater, running, playing on the stage. It is difficult, of course, but he tries to stay in shape. Periodically falls on procedures in the hospital,” – said the Director.

News of a serious diagnosis Klyuyev was a complete surprise for fans. The fact that the artist often appears in various creative meetings, and many plays in the movie.

Fans of the actor were quick to wish him a speedy recovery. “No! My favorite actor and Such a lovely bright person. I hope all will be well”, “the Most important thing is the positive attitude. If Boris will believe in the recovery, of the illness,” wrote the fans of the actor.

By the way, Klyuyev has never given reason to doubt your feeling great. So, a couple of months ago, he told me that he plans to spend summer vacation in Italy. Boris wanted to spend on the beach a few weeks. “I work a lot. Four performances, theatre, courses lead. Therefore, the rest used well, can sleep for 3-4 days and only then start to act” – then he told.

Apparently, the actor just didn’t want to make fans worry for him. Now fans hope that Klyuyev will find time for intensive treatment, and then it will bear fruit.