A cancer patient Alexander Belyaev lost a lot of weight after surgery

Больной раком Александр Беляев сильно похудел после операции The presenter told about his condition. Some time ago it became known that Belyaev Oncology. He has recently undergone surgery. According to Alexander, he will long-term treatment.
Больной раком Александр Беляев сильно похудел после операции

In September of this year it became known that the TV weatherman on NTV Alexander Belyaev seriously ill. Doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer six years ago, but he long did not tell anyone about his illness. The television star has undergone surgery and is preparing for another course of chemotherapy. According to Belyaeva, he was almost recovered after surgical intervention.

TV weatherman Alexander Belyaev openly talked about the fight against cancer

“Despite some complications, the operation went well. However, this is only the beginning. Ahead of a long course of chemotherapy and several operations. However, doctors see a positive trend. And I feel much better, lost 10 pounds,” – said Alexander V. reporters.

Most of the time Belyaev holds in the country. In early autumn, TV presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov visited Alexander Vadimovich. He spoke in detail about what was observed in Moscow doctors. According to him, now cancer is treatable.

“Science is moving forward: if twenty years ago cancer was a death sentence, but today any situation we can find a solution. First, when a person is diagnosed with cancer, he, of course, think about the assistance of experts in Israel, Germany or Austria. But, secondly, it costs a lot of money. And the reason I say “second”? Because of the Herzen Institute and the Center on Kashirke – our doctors in this field can compete with the West. Search for the same attendants, healers of all stripes – wasting my time” – shared Belyaev.

While that lead may not return to work, as it is still one course of treatment. “I strive to log in the old way of life. I need to walk more every day walk two kilometers. But still, by and large, my life now goes like this: hospital – home – hospital”, – noted Oleksandr V. in conversation with journalists of “Express newspaper”.

By the way, Belyaev very worried about my son’s health, as very often their families have a predisposition to cancer, therefore, they need to be checked regularly by a health professional. “My son, the boy, however, he is over forty, but to me he’s a boy… I think that my mother had died of leukemia, and dad do not understand, that you will get… Therefore, the child, if his parents are sick, it is necessary to see a doctor,” – said Alexander Vadimovich.