Больной раком Александр Беляев возвращается на НТВ Leading more than 20 years was the face of “weather”, but last year he had to retire due to cancer. Alexander Belyaev has come a long treatment course and is ready to work again.
Больной раком Александр Беляев возвращается на НТВ

Days 69-year-old TV presenter Alexander Belyaev received an offer to return to the home channel NTV. “The producers invited again to try their hand, says “StarHit” Alexander Vadimovich. – I supported the idea, he already missed the filming. Now the team will see well I will look in the frame, yet the disease leaves its mark”.

More than six years Belyaev struggling with lung cancer. But openly talked about the disease only in September 2017, when the condition worsened and had to do four courses of chemotherapy.

Больной раком Александр Беляев возвращается на НТВ“Everything is going according to plan – continues anchorman. – Now preparing for reconstructive surgery. The action is, make it up! Doctors Oncology center named after Blokhin very nice to me, constantly monitoring the health indicators. But a complete cure, unfortunately, too early to say”.
Больной раком Александр Беляев возвращается на НТВ

During treatment, the presenter tried to spend more outside of Moscow. He believes that nature contributes to his speedy recovery.

“Outside the city a different air, – said Alexander Vadimovich. – My family worried about me going to Church. Glad I listened to my entreaties, and decided to check the condition. My son Ilya signs of cancer are detected. We are now waiting for the test results, brother!”

Belyaev also lost 10 pounds during treatment. The TV star hopes to be able to defeat the disease. “Science is moving forward: if twenty years ago cancer was a death sentence, but today any situation we can find a solution. First, when a person is diagnosed with cancer, he, of course, think about the assistance of experts in Israel, Germany or Austria. But, secondly, it costs a lot of money. And the reason I say “second”? Because of the Herzen Institute and the Center on Kashirke – our doctors in this field can compete with the West. Search for the same attendants, healers of all stripes – wasting my time” – shared Belyaev.