Домик в глуши: Анджелина Джоли показала дом в Камбодже

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie showed your Cambodian house. “Tour” dwelling celebrity staged during the filming of a commercial for the fragrance “Mon Guerlain”.

The face of the advertising campaign “Mon Guerlain” 44-year-old Jolie has become immediately after its Foundation. The movie perfume was filmed the Oscar-Emmanuel Lubezki. In General, the advertising campaign aims to capture the feeling of independence and luxury of freedom. In order to convey the feeling of freedom, to shoot video decided in the rainforests of Cambodia. Here, as ever, useful Cambodian house Angelina Jolie, which was filmed promos.

The actress said that because of traditional Cambodian design of her house it was decided to conduct an advertising campaign. Housing Jolie secluded, nestled among the lush trees of the rainforest. Here, however, a sense of freedom and home, simple atmosphere, which has no room for pretentiousness. According to the creators of the movie, that’s supposed to attract viewers and buyers.

In the video the actress wanders around the house, wrapped in a sheet. Jolie slides around the house, like tender twigs, and absorbs the flavors of the surrounding tropical plants and trees.

I like the idea that we represent something really similar to how people live in real life. I think people know that reality and tale. And I think they prefer the truth, commented on the campaign the actress.

During the filming of Angelina Jolie also gave an interview with “Harper’s Bazaar Arabia”, which talked about when and for what purpose purchased this house.

So, according to the actress, here she bought the house 18 years ago. Since then, she began to actively fight for the welfare of Cambodia. As you know, Jolie is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN. In this country it is against the illegal logging of forests, mining precious stones, as well as poaching.

— Cambodia has experienced so many difficult years, and is still trying to recover, but the people here are so beautiful and so strong. We wanted to be a part of to help the country to move forward, – said Jolie.

Note that in the charity Fund of Angelina in Cambodia are ten schools and two clinics.

Dom Jolie is in the middle of the rainforest. Its interior is made in the Cambodian style, and chandeliers, chairs, tables and other items created in the South-Eastern style. On the wall, the actress flaunts a large portrait of Asian woman, and near it stands a vintage player.

As noted from the movie fans, mansion, no transparent Windows, but instead wooden shutters and doors

Angelina Jolie also shared that from time to time arrives in Cambodia and is inspired by nature around. Celebrity likes to spend his free time in this mansion.

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