“A bust”: the scandal is gaining momentum regarding the appropriation of the football team the title of “Honored master of sports of Russia”

«Это перебор»: набирает обороты скандал по поводу присвоения футболистам сборной звания «Заслуженный мастер спорта России»
The list of stars, wondering about this, becoming more and more.

Igor Akinfeev

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

On Saturday, July 28, in the Ministry of sports held a ceremony of awarding the sportsmen and coaches of our national team, in which 19 players for successful performance on a home world Cup was awarded the honorary sport rank “Honoured master of sports of Russia”.

However, the decision of officials caused a storm of criticism from the stars
Russian sport from other disciplines. Because, as you know, the title of the VMT
awarded for outstanding achievement in sports win or get in
prize-winning places at the Olympics, world Championships or European
championship. But there is another point — “as an exception”.

One of the first of his outrage at the award of the players honored masters expressed a titled player Yekaterina Gamova.

“I assumed that to be the case… unfortunately(( for some odd-different in our country the attitude to the achievements of the athletes!Someone to get the title of ZMS (honored master of sports), you need to win the World championship or become the prize-winner of Olympic Games, and someone gets it only for an exit in 1/4 final! I’m sorry that the title of the VMT devalue!” — posted by Gamow.

The star of the volleyball was immediately subjected to sharp criticism, because our football team for the first time in recent history came in the quarterfinals, which in itself is an outstanding achievement. However, there were also those who supported Catherine. Those who believes victories over Egypt and Saudi Arabia is not enough to be considered a well-deserved artists.

Solidarity with Gamova (partially or fully) expressed two-time Olympic champion in figure skating Maxim Trankov, the celebrated coach Tatiana Tarasova, the best player of the twentieth century Yevgeny Kafelnikov, volleyball player, Olympic champion 2012 Dmitry Musersky and many others.

Trankov said that “the standard of the honored masters of sports, the players are unlikely to have fulfilled by becoming
the quarterfinalists of the world Cup, but if the sports Minister has decided to assign, then
found it necessary to do it.” And Tarasova is fully on the side of the volleyball team: “I agree with Gamova because she knows what he says, and I know that
say. Of course, the performance of players — a great joy
but by awarding the title of honored masters of sports it has no
relationship. I think it is wrong to devalue the work of people and to receive their
awards. Athletes earn every confession is the hardest difficulty
and outstanding victories.”

The number of participants in the controversial dispute is growing every day. Supported Gamova and great players of the past. So, the legendary footballer of the 1990s, the former midfielder of the national team of Russia and a legend of English club “Manchester United” Andrey Kanchelskis has called “brute force” assignment of the Russian players the honorary title the VMT is only for an exit in the quarterfinals of the 2018 world Cup.

“Previously, the VMT given for hit in prize-winners of major competitions, and now what? Only out of the group? The desired end result, and this is getting into the top three. Let us then now all VMT per pass group stage assign — said Kanchelskis. — In 2008, the players, speaking on the Euro, received the title because he won the bronze, with this decision I agree. If Russia had now taken medals at the world Cup, then another thing can be rewarding. Yeah, we played well, but missed the three, and this is the main indicator. Assigning players of the Russian team the VMT for performance at the 2018 world Cup, it’s too much”.