Блестящий выход: гид по новогоднему макияжу с глиттером

Most of us understand holiday makeup red lips or the infamous smoky eyes. However, stellar makeup and numerous beauty bloggers in one voice declare that the most important cosmetic for party is glitter. Yes, of course, sometimes this “shimmering dust” a lot of hassle to apply and feather it, it will be tough, but the final result is certainly worth the time spent. We have compiled for you a simple guide to makeup with glitter, and the expert told how and where to apply it to in the end not to look like tinsel from a Christmas tree.


The most obvious way to apply glitter to eyes makeup. Anna Shimkova, a leading makeup artist Lancome, warns that “wield” they need to be careful not to overdo it with radiant elements.
One bright accent is enough. Pigments, eyeliner, glitter, glitter mascara, shimmer, shadows with different textures — the cosmetics market is replete with abundance. A couple of years ago make glitter was used exclusively for photo shoots and theme parties, but now such an emphasis may well be a major element of day — says the expert.

Блестящий выход: гид по новогоднему макияжу с глиттером

Anna shared with us the intricacies of which should adhere to when creating a sparkling make-up.

Sequins should not be applied to unprepared eyelid. The first phase of care. Apply a small amount of cream to the eyelid. If you are using the glitter with a dry crumbly texture, pre-apply on the eyelid special fixing spray for make. Then put glitter on the base. Yes, Yes, lay out, and not RUB, otherwise the glitter will blend with pigment based (shadows or Foundation that you have applied initially).

For fine particles, it is possible to use a fixing spray for make. It should spray before and after applying makeup. And the remedy be applied with a brush, and right fingertips. If you want a waterproof effect — ideal liquid retainer Aqua Seal mixed with glitter, recommends makeup artist.

In order to make it easier to remove the crumbled pieces from the skin of the lower eyelid, treat areas under the eyes with a transparent powder, not soaked with micellar water. So makeup will remain intact.

By the way, it is possible to decorate not only the eyelids but also the eyebrow.

On the lips

If the makeup Pat McGrath with Parisian Atelier Versace you still not let go, maybe it’s time to try to repeat it yourself. And to enjoy those the most brilliant pigments Pat McGrath Lust 004 Labs optional (Loose Glitter in the M. A. C. is no worse). For a perfect lip makeup glitter, first apply a thin layer of creamy lipstick (matte, alas, the glitter will not stick), then with a fluffy brush — glitter.

Блестящий выход: гид по новогоднему макияжу с глиттером

And as the substrate, apply the “glass Shine” Lipglass Lip Gloss Clear M. A. C. or to support domestic producers and to choose Glass Gloss from the collection of Helen Krygina.

On the hair

If you want to leave a face without Shine, add Shine to your hair. Nail polishes with the shimmer will not go, rather, they create a subtle shimmering effect. Use loose pigments. As a base you can apply a styling gel: while it is still wet, sprinkle on the hair (preferably the hair parting) with glitter. If another lacquer to fix, the hairstyle will last all the new year holidays. For inspiration — the publication under the hashtag #glitterhair in Instagram.

Блестящий выход: гид по новогоднему макияжу с глиттером

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