Окровавленная рубашка Джона Леннона продана на аукционе

Tragic death at the hands of his admirer caught up with John Lennon.

A member of the Beatles was shot by a man named mark Chapman in December 1980 at the main entrance, whose house was located in his apartment.

Chapman fired several shots at Lennon, but he was still alive for several minutes. Try in that moment to save the life of the idol of millions like the Concierge Jay Hastings. The man ran to lying on the ground Lennon and covered him with his jacket, and he remained in an ordinary white shirt. Hastings pressed the wound site, thus trying to stop the bleeding. As a result of such action shirt Jay was covered in blood musician.

Today, after more than 30 years after the terrible events of that day it became known that Hastings decided to get rid of a bloody shirt that you kept for all this time.

Jay put the shirt in the blood of John Lennon at the auction, which took place on 25 June. the organizers of the auction lot was estimated at 10 thousand dollars, but in the end she managed to rescue more than 40 thousand.

The shirt is classified.


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