A billion people have watched the clip of PSY and angry

Миллиард человек уже посмотрели клип PSY и возмущены

The video for the song Gentleman hit a new record on YouTube.

We all remember how in 2012, the Internet exploded video of the rapper from South Korea. PSY and his Gangnam Style were heard from every corner. Was filmed dozens of parodies, the movie itself on video gained over 2.6 billion views and broke the record.

On the wave of success the rapper with the team shot another provocative video Gentleman. It was released in 2013, and to date it has been viewed more than a billion users. But if Gangnam Style was enthusiastic, the Gentleman blocked the home of the artist!

That is, in the US the song dance, and in South Korea TV channels refused to broadcast the clip, and all because in this video, PSY seems to have gone too far.

Yes, there are those funny dance elements familiar to us on the Gangnam Style. The rapper still fooling around but the TV channels was confused by the story itself. Censorship is considered that the content of the video sets a bad example to the youth and promotes bad behavior.

On the one hand, we all know that a performer with the team, just kidding, grimacing at the camera, but the other… Not without the help of the hero of the rapper girl falls off the treadmill, and then he happily takes away from crying children’s ball, throws his companion coffee in the face! And at the end all participants in the video do not behave better pigs: spill drinks, throw food on the floor with chairs on their heads.

Removed all stylish, and the team dances as funny as before, but something in this video not. Maybe sense?