A big risk? Emmanuel Vitorgan in social networks looking for a new nanny for infant

Большой риск? Эммануил Виторган ищет в соцсетях новую няню для грудного ребенка
Spouses are advised not to consider a summary of the people “from the street”.

Immanuel and Irina Vitorgan

Photo: @emmanuil_vitorgan Instagram Vitorgan

Who in February parents Immanuel and Irina Vitorgan again preoccupied with finding a nanny for a little girl. The couple tour a lot and can’t take Ethel with him on tour, so they are looking for a helpmate. Interestingly, the star couple did not proven to apply to the office of recruitment. Instead, the family Vitorgan issued the call in social networks.

“The nanny breastfeeding the baby with a permanent residence. Weekends are possible, call,” reads the ad on the page in social networks of spouses.

Many users find this method threat, they say, you never know who “the street” will come to the house of the actor and his wife. But Irina soothes subscribers: in fact, the couple is considering candidates only on recommendations from friends. Incidentally, shortly after the birth of Irina was already looking for a nanny to Ethel. Apparently, parents do not have a relationship with the previous assistant.

By the way, shortly after the birth Ethel Irene said that they are ready to decide on another child. According to the wife of Emanuel Gedeonovich, 20 years she was treated in order to be able to become a mother. Pregnancy Irina was a complete surprise for the Russian show-business. Many fans Vitorgan still can’t believe the couple actually had a baby.