A big “pregnant” belly Elena Zakharova surprised her fans

Большой «беременный» живот Елены Захаровой удивил её поклонников
The actress stopped to hide his “situation”.

Elena Zakharova, Maria Poroshina and their former classmates

Photo: Social Networks

Elena Zakharova can no longer hide from the fans of their pregnancy. In the Network appeared the frame with a meeting of graduates of the Shchukin school, where the actress was captured with a rounded belly considerable size. Many fans, until the last who did not believe in the rumors about “interesting position” of the actress were pleasantly surprised by the changes in the appearance of 41-year-old Elena. Interestingly, more recently, Zakharov, speaking at a poetry evening, showed off the stage the stomach is much smaller. For a short time in the figure of the artist have been significant changes.

Web users, even those who are not very closely following the work of Elena discussing her pregnancy. This event is a real “godsend” after the tragedy that Zakharova had to endure six years ago. Elena, apparently, has no plans to sit at home on maternity leave and continues to lead an active lifestyle.

Hundreds of fans wish the actress an easy pregnancy and delivery. “It’s still true! Going baby! Elena, we’re all behind you very happy”, “Health future mommy! Should be spared”, “I am so happy! This is so cool” — written by fans of Zakharova.

Recall that the rumors of a pregnancy Elena appeared a few months ago. The identity of the father of the unborn baby are not yet disclosed. Actress, after parting in 2011 with Sergey Mamontov, ceased to advertise details of their personal lives.