94-летний Владимир Этуш сыграет главную женскую роль
The Patriarch of the theater.Vakhtangov will appear on stage in an unexpected role.

Vladimir Etush

Photo: Yury Feklistov

People’s artist Vladimir Etush in her 94 years begins to rehearse a new starring role in home theater.Vakhtangov. The most curious thing is that this will be the female lead!

Vladimir Abramovich will play in the most popular play of Hope Ptushkina “While she died”. This vaudeville not only went to dozens of theatres around the world under different names: the “Old maid”, “Holiday on crutches, “Restless grandmother, Family
photo album”, “Macarena”, “Male holiday”. On its basis made the film “Come see me”, which shone Oleg Yankovskiy, Irina Kupchenko and Yekaterina Vasilyeva.

And now at the Vakhtangov theater this Comedy staged by Director Vladimir Ivanov. He decided to trust Etush… women’s role was always performed by honored older actress. “This is not the first trial of Vladimir Abramovich in the women’s field, had experience in
“Hamlet” from the Peter Stein. It would seem that episode but remember. This
once he has the lead female role,” — said the Director.

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