89-year-old woman Lena, traveling the world to retire

89-летняя баба Лена объехала полмира на пенсию

Woman Lena from Krasnoyarsk for six years, traveling the world.

“I’m retired from Krasnoyarsk Baba Lena. I’m 89 and I’m traveling alone. Visited Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Israel. I dream to go to Italy,” writes in the “About me” Elena Erkhova in Instagram and regularly uploads photos and videos from different countries.

Within a few days of Baba Lena found all over the world, and on her page on the social network every day signed by more and more people. While in her profile, only 11 publications, but already more than 400 subscribers. Whether still will be!

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Internet users from around the world watched and was moved, as a pensioner riding a camel, drinking smoothies, traded with local vendors and, most importantly, always smiling and laughing.

“People will probably think that the grandmother is crazy,” laughs the woman Lena, sitting on a camel. But no! Its members write in the comments, only words of admiration: “Good you care about! You are a worthy example for all! Well done, Baba Lena”, “You are good!”, “You are our idol,” “how clever you are! Enjoy every country in the world is beautiful, you health! You are a huge motivator and energy”.

By the way, sponsors have grandma there. Tickets, accommodation, tours it pays for itself and saves money from the pension. But how many emotions! Looking at the woman, Lena, and I want to wait for vacation and to go to some unknown country. And yet it is his example demonstrates that we need not be afraid to make the dreams a reality. And 80 life is just beginning…

As I’m 89 years of age, not afraid on a camel ride #holidays #Israel #бабушка1927 #babushka #бабушка89 #israel #camels #camel #journey #extreme

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To try a smoothie was not as hard as to learn how to say it. But I did;) Try it and you’re all new! #Krasnoyarsk #бабушка89 #telaviv #babushka #бабушка1927 #Israel #smoothie #holidays

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