87-летний Клинт Иствуд снова взял в руки камеру
Famed actor and Director has started shooting his new film.

Clint Eastwood


87-year-old Clint Eastwood back in the saddle. The famous actor, who became one of the most successful Directors in Hollywood, arrived in Venice for the shooting of his new directorial project. This film is like the previous picture of Eastwood (“Sniper”, “the Miracle on the Hudson”) is based on real events. In 2015, three American friends (two of them soldiers) traveled to Europe and happened to be in the train, EN route from Paris to Amsterdam. They managed heroically to prevent the attack of armed terrorists broke into the car and rescued 500 people who were on the train.

Heroes has won many awards in different countries, one of them handed guys in America Eastwood himself. So his idea to film these events immediately received a “green light” in Hollywood. Clint and the Studio has long sought actors to play three characters, and in the end found the perpetrators. But then I came to the conclusion that the best real participants, no one will cope with this task. And Eastwood has agreed to make a film where the main roles are performed by non-professional actors, and people who managed to save hundreds of lives. This is a difficult task, but the veteran Hollywood not afraid of risk and am confident in their abilities.

Eastwood this year were at the Cannes film festival as guest of honor, celebrated the 25th anniversary of his famous Western “the Unforgiven”, which became a cult film. And in Cannes, Clint Eastwood revealed that he was preparing to shoot a new picture. The question is not tired if he is already 50 years working in film, Eastwood said: “I could not imagine the life of a pensioner, shifting from one hole to another on the Golf course. My life has developed so successfully that I can afford to play Golf, and then to make a movie, which I wonder.” The veteran Hollywood admitted that bored and acting work (last time he played in the movie “trouble with the curve” in 2012) and soon the audience will see the beloved actor on the screen.