81-летняя Валентина Талызина появилась в соцсетях
Star of Soviet cinema became an active blogger.

81-летняя Валентина Талызина появилась в соцсетях

Valentina Talyzina

Photo: facebook

The idea of having their own
a page on the Internet, Valentina Talyzina was prompted by a longtime friend of the actress Oleg
Anofriyev. “We met him on the set of a single program, Oleg said that quite
quickly mastered the Internet and now actively uses social media. And I decided
to follow his example, — said Valentina Illarionovna 7days.ru. — Turns out
it is so interesting and so many new possibilities I have opened! I was immediately
“knocked” to friends so many people that I just can not cope with

The actress is carefully studying the pages of those
who showed interest in her, but is forced to apologize for quite so
strangers add not can.

“I’m afraid then have someone to remove and
that’s what I want to do, ” explains Valentina Illarionovna. I already
learned that the number of friends is limited to a few thousands. Suddenly
manifest someone who threw me destiny. For example, fans with whom I
communicated in different cities on creative meetings where I mentally took, I
all of them remember, though, we long time did not communicate. And such meetings I have
happened constantly throughout the former Soviet Union. Or one of classmates or
friends of youth will find me in social networks, send friend request, and I have
the limit is reached. But on my page everyone who wants to, can
subscribe with your followers I will also be happy to chat.

Page of Valentina Talyzina in the social network

Photo: facebook

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