80-year-old woody Allen believes that blessed their 44-year-old wife.

80-летний Вуди Аллен считает, что осчастливил свою 44-летнюю жену.
The Director is proud of his marriage more than the movies.

Woody Allen and soon-And

Photo: Splash News/East news

In a recent interview, 80-year-old woody Allen made a surprise announcement: married at one time in its current
the wife of the sun-And that at 36 years younger than himself, he strongly
made happy!

“I was able to make her life
much better. Thanks I sung And got a huge opportunity, and she in
took full advantage of. It
to educate ourselves, got lots
friends, successfully graduated from College. Sun-And have traveled a lot with me, visited
in all the cultural capitals of Europe… in Short, it became very educated
woman!” — told Allen. “I’m proud of
the changes that happened because of me in her life even more than
my films!” — added the Director.

In fact, early period
life sun-And was indeed extremely heavy. She was born in Korea, specifically in Seoul, where the girl’s mother abandoned her, leaving to live on the street. Then the baby picked up
the social workers and was placed in an orphanage. And from there it adopted a long
girlfriend of woody Allen, actress MIA Farrow.

Woody, although he lived with MIA
for 12 years, was never married to her. He was not listed and foster father
Soon-Yi. However, when Farrow found in the Desk of Allen photos of his
Nude daughter, which at that time was 21, she made
terrible tantrum. Farrow broke up with Allen and did everything to
to ruin his life. But it didn’t stop soon-And to go from MIA to Allen. And five years later they were married. Since
then — and it’s been almost 20 years woody and his wife live happily together
raising their two adopted children.

Woody believes that soon-And his
life is made happy. “She gave me a stability, a wonderful family
life became a great wife and friend…” — said Alain. But, as explained
Director, to himself soon-And has not had any impact. “I’m still the same,
I was 20 years ago!” admitted woody.

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