80-year-old Nikolai Drozdov decided to join the ranks of showbiz

80-летний Николай Дроздов решил пополнить ряды шоубизнеса
Presenter fulfilled his youth dream.

The TV presenter helped to create an image of the Hindu right

Photo: Yury Feklistov

80-year-old Nikolai Drozdov does not get tired to surprise the audience. Leading
program “world of animals” debuts as a solo artist. Presenter
will present within the framework of the play “When dreams come true” favorite songs from

Holiday konopacki invented and brought to life singer Victoria
Belov and actor Alex D. Mayer, and the Director of the program will be known
the actor, Honored Artist of Russia Vadim Kolganov. Initially, Nicholas
Drozdov was invited to the show as an honored spectator. However,
suddenly, telemetr made it a condition of his coming — namely, want
to perform a few songs from the stage.

“When we invited Nicholas to come to our concert, he set a condition: will come, but I want myself to sing on stage. Of course, we gladly responded to his request. For us it is a great honor. It’s great that Nicholas has decided on our concert to realize his youth dream on the stage, — said Belov.
— I think that not sing, he just could not. Drozdov all
life has been studying the flora and fauna and told us about it from the screens
TVs. Of course, he often worked to the sound of birds singing. How to not to sing?”