8 rules for the care of the body in hours of the trip

8 правил по уходу за телом в многочасовой поездке The expert told how to remain attractive in any situation. Grueling road can not be reflected on the health and appearance of the person. “StarHit” and makeup artist – make-up-coach Anna Belkina – suggest how to feel comfortable in the path and to stay on top.
8 правил по уходу за телом в многочасовой поездке

Stock up on water

In the confined space of the aircraft cabin air is very dry. It affects not only on our health but also on appearance. The skin becomes dull, lip flakes, eyes lose their luster and begin to stick together… to avoid all these troubles, it is necessary to saturate itself with moisture from the inside. Stock up on plain water and take 2-3 SIPS every 20 minutes. But tea or coffee is better to refuse, as these drinks further dehydrate the body.

Eat lightly

8 правил по уходу за телом в многочасовой поездке

Don’t fill up, neither before nor during the trip. On the eve do not eat fatty and fried, otherwise it will be felt problem in the stomach at the most inopportune moment! Salt in the evening also can play with you a cruel joke, turning around in the morning with puffiness under the eyes. During the trip, your menu should be fruits and vegetables, breads and crackers, nuts and bitter chocolate. Try not to lean on the baking – why do you need the extra calories before the holiday?


Not to worry about the condition of your hands, apply nail gel Polish. This coating is not afraid of water and will last without damage for at least a week. Take a moisturizing cream for the hands in the way, they have to use all the time! And in order to enhance its effect, add a few drops of your favorite aromatic oils – this will help you relax and feel at home even in an unfamiliar place.


8 правил по уходу за телом в многочасовой поездкеBefore the journey, do not forget to bring moisturizing face cream, serum, which will strengthen its action, lip balm, eye cream with hyaluronic acid that maintains moisture in cells. Well, if Umka is place wet wipes and spray with thermal water will help prevent dehydration in an air-conditioned cabin.

Including the fan on the chair, try to direct the air flow so that it does not hit you in the face – this skin is dehydrated stronger. It is useful to take a fabric eye patches: they are perfectly moisturize the skin and remove dark circles under the eyes.


Well for those who have short hair: combed, misted lacquer – and go! But women with long or even medium length hair should think about the hairstyle which they will go on the road. Flowing hair immediately excluded: the road behind them very difficult to care for. For example, in the plane of the low beams do not work, they hurt to lean back on the headrest. For travel it is most convenient to braid spike or spit – even after sleeping they will look neat.


The road is not always possible to correct makeup. So you should use such cosmetics which will not be erased because the road twists and turns. On some of the jars and tubes usually is marked Waterproof, Long Lasting or Water Resistant. Travel is the best suited special fastening means in the form of sprays.


8 правил по уходу за телом в многочасовой поездке

Before you leave you can paint eyebrows, eyelashes and forget about it for a month. But it is safer to resort to permanent make-up that lasts several years. With the help of modern techniques can also make them less visible and bags under the eyes, add blush to darken or lighten parts of the face. Just keep in mind that to do permanent makeup you need at least a month before the trip.


Be prepared for the fact that the feet in flight, the pressure can swell. In this case, take with a spacious indoor shoes, and even better socks. So feet do not get tired and will not freeze. Every hour walk in the salon – this will prevent stagnation of blood in the veins. It is good to have a tube with a cooling and energizing foot cream.

Even if you are flying in the heat, do not check in the Luggage all the warm clothing. One jacket put in your hand Luggage. Going to sleep in the chair? Please be an inflatable pillow under the neck, and a cloth mask, goggles and ear plugs to the light and noise did not prevent sleep.