78-летняя Светлана Светличная истязает себя диетами Despite its venerable age, the actress continues to surprise fans with his sense of style. Star carefully watching him, and ready to throw pounds, if she liked a new dress. Svetlana Svetlichnaya noted that she has good willpower, so she is willing to make that sacrifice.
78-летняя Светлана Светличная истязает себя диетами

The famous actress, a favorite of many Soviet and Russian viewers, Svetlana Svetlichnaya still has not lost its grace and charm. As repeatedly admitted the 78-year-old star, she always tried to follow in their appearance, however, the years still took its toll. “When I was 18, I could eat everything as another, and not worry about your waistline. But now we need to keep in shape,” admits the actress.

“Calories do not. All determined by the clothes. If tight closure, then have to slow down. Recently dropped an extra two kilos that have accumulated over the winter. Unable to sit without food and do not eat after six in the evening. This requires the will power I have. If you see a dress that I really like, but it was a size smaller, I specifically lose those extra pounds, then somewhere to go. Can I save on food but not clothes,” – said Svetlana afanasevna.

Svetlana Svetlichnaya tries occasionally to indulge yourself with delicacies. For example, likes to try exotic dishes during his travels in Mexico she ate crocodile meat and frog legs. If the actress wants to eat something tasty, then fry carp. Recently, she has added money to the pension, so she tries anything does not deny. Besides, Svetlichnaya did not skimp on surprises for others.

“I love to make gifts. Recently arrived my granddaughter Masha, who had a birthday. She said she was with her friend Svetlana, my namesake, is going to Turkey. I said, “Mamie, what’s her complexion?” “As much as you!” replied the granddaughter. I recently came across a red dress with ruffles stunning beauty. I said, “Let me get her!” Then I got a call Svetlana herself, thank you. To me such moments are filled with power! I love to make people pleasant. And hats, and clothes often give. The host of “Fashion verdict” Alexander Vasiliev also gave my dress he puts on exhibitions. It is my pleasure to give to this dress brought pleasure and was given a second life,” – said Svetlichny, talking with the “Source”.