78-year-old Emmanuel Vitorgan showed a photo with my daughter on vacation

78-летний Эммануил Виторган показал фото с дочкой на отдыхе
Famous artist spent the summer with a family in Jurmala

78-летний Эммануил Виторган показал фото с дочкой на отдыхе

Emmanuel Vitorgan

In February, 78-year-old Emmanuel
Vitorgan and 56-year-old Irina Mlodik a daughter Ethel. Since then
fans of the actor, his friends and colleagues do not get tired to argue about used
whether the spouse of a surrogate mother. Irina said that she gave birth, moreover, Ethel — her first child.
The Vitorgan became a father for the third time.

More recently, Emanuel and Irene
not hiding his daughter, they
willing to share special moments with baby. The latest series of photos taken during
their holiday in Jurmala, where Vitorgan combines work and rest. On 30 June there will be
evening dedicated to
the opening of the seventh season of theater “Vitorgan-club” and the birth of the beautiful Ethel.

On the eve of the couple enjoying a good
weather, walking
on the waterfront. “Great tan! Person happy!”,
“You are a wonderful couple! And now there’s three of you and that’s fine! Ethel
your angel”, “Happy people in a happy place! Health to you all
three and happiness, we
love!” commented subscribers family photo Vitorgan (Spelling
and punctuation author. — Approx. ed.).

By the way,
the actor is often criticized in the social networks because he became a father at age 78. However
Vitorgan firmly believe that I made the right choice. “Of course, I
it is understood that when my daughter starts school, I will be 80, and when
want to get married I would be more than a hundred years. But is it important? I have
very many years were not so happy. It is an incredible experience, and age
the parents in this case are not important. The important thing is that on light there was a new man.
How about this, you can gloat? Now I have a better incentive
to monitor the health!” he says.

Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife and daughter

Photo: @emmanuil_vitorgan/Instagram