77-летний Харрисон Форд снова сыграет Индиану Джонса!
Steven Spielberg has puzzled fans of the franchise.

77-летний Харрисон Форд снова сыграет Индиану Джонса!

Harrison Ford


Steven Spielberg delighted fans of movies about brave archeologist
Indiana Jones: he reported that he began work on the fifth part of the franchise. Moreover, the Director confirmed
the main role will play again Harrison Ford, who soon after the beginning
filming turns 77 years old!

This statement Spielberg bit of a surprise to fans. Still
a couple of years ago when I discussed the possibility that Ford for the fifth time
return to his famous role, it caused an avalanche of ironic
reviews in the Network.

“Indiana should be the finder of antiquities, and not exhibit
archaeological Museum!” — quipped one user of the Internet, which, by
by the way, considers himself a fan of the talent Ford. And another suggested to call
the new movie “Indiana Jones — in search of remedy for hemorrhoids senile…”

As originally rumored, like the new film writers
was going to “kill” the hero, Ford, fans of the franchise had expected his place
is a son of Indiana. He played in the previous part of the franchise — “the Kingdom
of the crystal skull” — 31-year-old actor Shia LaBeouf. However, as it became known, the Shia in the new
the project will not participate. Himself if he refused the honor to play the role of son
Indiana, or the producers did not dare to contact with LaBeouf, who allowed
yourself for the time flown since the completion of filming the first movie a lot
antics under the influence, not reported.

Spielberg has all
reason to count on Ford. After all, despite your no longer a young
age, the actor is in excellent physical shape. Harrison, it seems,
able to cope with any machinations of fate. Last year he managed
to survive the crash of his plane, which almost died, and a severe fracture
feet that had happened to him on the set of “Star wars.” And now he again
ready to work!

Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf in the previous part of the franchise — “the Kingdom of the crystal skull”

Photo: Outnow