75-летняя журналистка обвинила Трампа в изнасиловании

Columnist of American Elle magazine, 75-year-old Jean Carroll stated that the President of the United States raped her in one of the Department stores in new York. About it the journalist wrote in the book What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal (“why do we need men? A modest proposal”), an excerpt from which was published in the Friday edition of New York Magazine.

75-летняя журналистка обвинила Трампа в изнасиловании

In late 1995 or early 1996, at Department store “Bergdorf Goodman” in new York the rape occurred. The woman learned of Mogul, and he called her a journalist, “therapist” and presenter of the rubric useful tips. Trump told Carroll that he came to the store to pick up a lingerie gift for girls. They began to joke about it fitting. Then 52-year-old journalist went with trump in the dressing room, where the rape occurred.

“At the moment when the door closes, he rushes at me, pushes me up against the wall, kicking me in the head and pressed his lips to my lips. I’m so shocked that I push it too. He grabs both my hands and the second time presses me to the wall, and as soon as I realize how big he is, he squeezes the hand under my dress and takes off the tights.
I’m surprised going to write: but I continue to laugh. The next moment he, still dressed in a business suit, shirt, tie, jacket and coat, removes coat, undoes the zipper on his pants and enters me,” she writes in her book.

Carroll admitted that “it was a huge struggle” before she was finally able to push him away and run out of the store. Trump at that time was about 50 years old, he was married to Marla Maples.

According to Carroll, she told about the incident to two friends. One of them advised her to contact the police, and the other, on the contrary, gave advice to remain silent, “Forget about it! He has 200 lawyers. He will bury you”.
In his article, Carroll describes in detail six cases where she had been a victim of sexual violence by “terrible people.”

One of these incidents allegedly associated with the former CEO of CBS Corporation Leslie Movecom. He retired in 2018 after allegations of sexual harassment.

The representative Moonves told New York Magazine that he categorically denies the incident with the journalist.

Carroll concludes with a statement that trump was her “last disgusting man” and since then, it’s been 23 years, she never had sex with anyone else.

Comments from the White house has not yet followed. And the trump responded to accusations of rape in a statement to Bloomberg reporter Laura Litvan on Friday afternoon, claiming that he does not know who is Jean Carroll.

“I’ve never met this person. She’s trying to sell a new book, and it indicates its motivation. This book must be sold in Department literature”.

“Shame on those who spread false stories about violence in order to gain fame or to sell a book, or to solve a political problem. Who would believe that, especially because there is no evidence”.

“No photos? No video from the cameras? There is no reports? There are no witnesses? I would like to thank the owners of “Bergdorf Goodman” for confirmation that they have no video of such an incident, because it never was”, — said the President of the United States.

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