75-летняя Барбра Стрейзанд клонировала любимую собачку
The actress paid a substantial sum for the realization of their dreams.

75-летняя Барбра Стрейзанд клонировала любимую собачку

Photo: Twitter @BarbraStreisand

Barbra Streisand


Barbra Streisand refused to accept the care of their pet — dogs, who lived in her house for 14 years. 75-year-old actress loved Samantha, the representative breed of the Coton de tulear resembling a ball of dazzling white cotton. When it became clear that the poor girl was not long left to live, the actress decided to clone her.

For the time flown since 2003, the year when the light came Dolly the sheep, cloning of animals has ceased to be a subject for fiction. Moreover, this branch of genetic engineering has become a process that is put “on stream”. Moreover, prices for the procedure is not as great as you would expect. For example, the cloning of cats will cost the owners of 25 thousand dollars, and the dog — more — 50 thousand. Barbra had pre-studied the issue and contacted the company, best-proven in the field.

Shortly before his death Samantha the experts took the number of cells in dogs, from which grew two exact replicas of the former favorite actress. As told by the artist, she decided to wear a pet in popoki different colors, so as not to confuse, because these animals are absolutely identical. And then Barbra gave the dogs the names by the color of their clothes: Miss Scarlett (which translates as “al”) and Miss violet (purple). However, poponku the first of them, the actress was later replaced by pink. The only thing that is a little confusing Barbro is that her new favorite eyes are not brown as Samantha, and blue. However, the new Samantha, yet quite small, and Streisand thinks that when the dog gets older, their eyes will change color. Interestingly, in addition to Miss Scarlett and Miss violet, in the house Barbra lives with another dog of the same breed is a distant relative of Samantha named Miss Fanny.