74-year-old Calvin Klein has an affair with a young male model

74-летний Кельвин Кляйн завел роман с молодым манекенщиком

Who said that 74 years later to stop trying to be happy again? Calvin Klein such conditions not exactly, because the designer, as we found out the Western journalists, in a new relationship.

The eyes of a designer fell by 29-year-old Kevin Baker. According to the publication Instinct Magazine initially, the young man was the Muse of the designer, and then their relationship became romantic.

Roman men lasts for several months. Environment Klein did not anticipate that Kevin and him have something in common. They often went out together, but liking each other is not demonstrated. The situation changed recently, when men found on the beach of St Barth.

What will these relationships is difficult to say.

Recall, for a long time about homosexuality Klein one does not say. He was married twice. With his first wife Jayne centre he lived for ten years, and in this marriage he was born the only daughter of Marcy. Calvin had divorced his wife in 1974, and 12 years later married his assistant, Kelly Rector, with whom he lived in marriage 20 years.

Men Calvin made the switch in 2010, when meeting with the controversial actor Nick Gruber, who was younger than his 48 years, but in 2012 the couple broke up because of nick’s problems with drugs.