73-year-old Mick Jagger became a father for the eighth time

73-летний Мик Джаггер стал отцом в восьмой раз
The mother of a newborn is 17 years younger than the eldest daughter of the singer.

Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick

Photo: Instagram.com

As it became known, yesterday in new York, the girlfriend of Mick Jagger — Melanie Hamrick — bore him a fourth son, who became the eighth child
rocker. Jagger is a 46-year-old daughter Carys with his mistress Marcia hunt, a 45-year-old
Jade by his first wife, Bianca, four children (two sons and two daughters) from
civil wife Jerry Hall and 17-year-old son Lucas by Brazilian model
Luciana Jimenez. The birth went without
complications, both mother and newborn feel good. This was announced
the website Mirror.co.uk.

When Hamrick contractions started, Mick was very far — at home, in Britain. It is, of course,
knew that the approaching date of birth. But never thought that everything starts
so fast. When he was told on the phone that Melanie went into labor, he caught the first plane,and
flying 3, 5тысячи miles, got there just in time. So he was present at
the phenomenon of his son into the light.

We will remind that 29-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick Mick
started in 2014, shortly after the suicide of his former girlfriend — Wren
Scott, a novel which lasted for 13 years. And this summer it became known that Melanie is waiting for
from Jagger’s child. Rocker said at the time that the pregnancy of his girlfriend was for
surprise him — he wasn’t planning on having any more children. However, Mick noticed. He believes
this is a pleasant surprise, and although he’s not going to marry Hamric it will be
all possible ways to support your child and his mother.

For a start Mick bought for Melanie and the baby house in
New York, for 5 thousand pounds. Besides, he undertook to pay Hamrick 2,5
million pounds on the education of their child. In addition, as stated by Jagger, he
will do everything in his power to as often as possible to fly to America and
visitation and Melanie.