73-year-old Gerhard Schroeder is married for the fifth time

73-летний Герхард Шредер женится в пятый раз Well-known German politician is going to legalize the relationship with a translator, Kim SEO Yeon. Beloved Gerhard Schroeder, his Junior by 25 years. Man admits his feelings for the second half and says he’s really happy.
73-летний Герхард Шредер женится в пятый раз

As reported by foreign journalists 73-year-old former German Chancellor Gerhard schröder is going again to tie the knot. One German statesman is a 48-year-old Korean interpreter Kim SEO Yeon.

The place and exact date of the ceremony, the marriage is not disclosed. According to some, they will be announced later. Correspondents report that Schroeder told of their plans at a press conference in Seoul. Before marriage the man is going to learn more about the culture of the country chosen. The lovers are going to live in South Korea.

“The wedding will take place in the autumn”, – lead in the press the words of Gerhard.
73-летний Герхард Шредер женится в пятый раз

The bride Schroeder confirmed information about the imminent change in marital status. In January of this year, the politician gave an interview to the German edition, in which he told about his feelings for Kim SEO Yeon. On the cover of Gerhard hugs darling. Photograph of a pair of signed words, “Yes, it’s love!” The statesman crazy your significant other and says that he considers her “the perfect woman”.

At the moment Gerhard’s divorcing his fourth wife, Doris schröder-Korf, in marriage, with whom he adopted two children from Russia. The heirs male of Victoria and Gregor live with his mother in Germany. That family Schroeder is not going smoothly, it was rumored for a long time. The couple decided to divorce in 2016, but the process is still ongoing. According to Doris, a new hobby wife became one of the reasons for the breakup.

73-летний Герхард Шредер женится в пятый раз“In connection with numerous reports in the media I was the first and last comment on this topic. Mrs. Kim in the spring of 2016 was the reason, although not the only reason for our final breakup,” wrote Schroeder-Korff on Facebook.
73-летний Герхард Шредер женится в пятый раз

At the same time, Schroeder denies the words ex-lover. He argues that the romance with Kim was not the cause of his divorce. The new fiancee politics attended the presentation of his book in Seoul. Photographers managed to capture a statesman and his beloved.

The former lover of Gerhard are unable to stay away from frames, leafless, many media. “It is unfortunate that the rights to the book will not be passed on to our children. They will get the woman which has nothing to do with that period of life of Gerhard that was described in the biography,” said Doris.

German statesman met with Kim Yong two years ago. Then she acted as a translator for the international event.

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