71-year-old Tatiana Vasilieva tried youth image

71-летняя Татьяна Васильева примерила молодежный образ The actress has been asked to assess some new clothes for their fans. Tatyana Vasileva never ceases to amaze followers – she experiments with looks and is not afraid of criticism. Many admire the way the actress looks for her age.
71-летняя Татьяна Васильева примерила молодежный образ

Popular actress Tatyana Vasilyeva happy to share with fans moments of his life. The artist is an active user of Instagram, where talks about what she is interested in. Two weeks ago she and her colleagues returned from a tour in the United States. Apparently, the artist had enough time to not only work and rest, but also to arrange a little shopping. In the end, the artist decided to try is a youth style – she shod sneakers, cropped tights and a jacket of brown color. She decided to let the fans appreciate her new image.

“By the way, how do you like my style? Jacket bought on tour in America, the guys said that I really to face,” shared the actress.
71-летняя Татьяна Васильева примерила молодежный образ

Fans gladly began to discuss the style, who chose Vasiliev. They noted that Tatyana looks beautiful. Some followers were delighted from the brand new artist, however, not everyone supported her choice. “The colors are now very fashionable, but in General the jacket. You are going things extraordinary style, And I don’t like. Near the shoulders of many folds, the color of some kind. You – it is chic and sleek and not ordinariness”, “Tatiana, you are so stylish in all that is any thing on you, as the Council of fashion designers”, “Great! And as always, everything is in harmony! Often raduyte us your photos” – comments by users of the Network.

71-летняя Татьяна Васильева примерила молодежный образ

Fans admire the fact that Tatyana at age 71 she continues to work – to play in the theater and to accept offers to participate in various projects. As it turned out, most recently, she completed work on mnogoseriynoe.

“Finished shooting in one series that you will soon be able to see. Ran home, drank a Cup of calming tea, took (assembled that morning) the suitcase on the station,” Vasilyev told about his busy schedule.

Apparently, it was a flurry of activity always helps the actress stay in shape and look good. Many admire her figure, which she without hesitation shows in a bathing suit. Her friend and colleague Stas Sadalsky recently shared a picture made on the beach where was filmed the legendary film “In a jazz only girls”. 71-year-old Tatyana Vasilyeva showed a slim figure in a bikini